CKA Tournament 5: Lake Badin

CKA Event #5

Lake Badin, NC

June 3, 2017


CKA welcomes Anglers to Event #5 on Badin Lake (last visited by us in 2014). It’s the Southernmost Lake on the Yadkin/Pee-Dee river chain and one of the oldest impounded lakes in North Carolina.

Badin contains 5,350 surface acres of water, 115 miles of shoreline, and an average depth of 90 feet with a maximum depth of 190 feet. This diverse fishery hosts all three major Black Bass species (Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Spotted Bass) as well as Striped Bass and Walleye.  With its deep structure, rocky islands, grassy shorelines, flats, points and boat docks, there will be ample opportunity for every style of fishing.

This will be a single launch event from the Badin Public Access and Swimming area. The area is in a small park, just north of the boat launch at the southern end of the lake. Anglers will also check back into this same area at the conclusion of the event.

There are four events remaining (not including the October Top 25 event)…… The AOY standings remain very competitive. Remember that CKA takes the angler’s best six event finishes for the season towards your AOY points, so there is still a great opportunity to work towards both AOY and the top 25.

Sign Up:     5:00am – 5:45am

*** Sign up ends sharply at 5:45am, we will not be able to accommodate late anglers***

*** Anglers may launch from either the park or the ramp but please note the Captains meeting will be held on the water at   the park area***


Blast Off:     6:00am

*** Captains meeting on the water just before blast off. Anglers must stay within designated area***

Check In:      2:00pm (late penalties start at 2:01pm)

Photo Upload Cutoff:    2:30pm


Sign up and Pay at Tourney X:


Launch Address:

38828 NC 740

New London, NC 28127



CKA Angler of the Year Standings (April 2017)

The attached PDF file contains the official AOY standings through the first 3 events of the 2017 CKA season. Click the link below to access the file.

Overall, attendance is up and the race to AOY is close! But it isn’t over, because 5 tournaments remain. Remember: only your top 6 event scores count toward AOY, so there is plenty of time to compete, catch up to and displace anglers currently at the top of the standings.

AOY points determine the Angler of the Year, anglers (5) who will qualify for the KBF National Championship, and also the 25 anglers who will qualify for the CKA Tournament of Champions in October.

Thanks to everyone who has come out for events, thank you to our generous sponsors, and we will see everyone at Lake Hickory on May 13th!

CKA AOY Standings 04122017


Announcement: CKA Adopts Paypal

I can’t thank everyone enough for the incredible support for the CKA over the first two events. As a first year group working together (Cory and Wayne are the veterans) running CKA, we are continually reflecting on what we can do to continue to improve the series.

Starting with the Jordan Lake event (April 8th), anglers will see improvement in the efficiency of the check-in and weigh-in processes. We want to ensure that we properly highlight our sponsors, highlight the achievements of the winning anglers and also be fully aware that everyone has had a long day (and at times a long drive home) so we can let anglers be on their way in a timely manner. And so we will begin now with raffles and sponsors (while staff finalizes submissions and prepares the winner’s circle), then proceed to winnings.

One major adjustment we are making is the manner in which we collect entry fees. We have become increasingly uncomfortable with having the large amounts of money  generated at these events being held by an individual with risk that it could be compromised (lost, stolen etc.).  In addition, it is simply just a matter of safety.

With that being said, starting with this tournament cycle and the Jordan Lake sign up, we will be introducing PayPal as the preferred manner of paying for entry fees. Cory will be setting up the account which will be published ASAP with the Jordan Lake Tournament details to allow people to get familiar with the payment system. I know there may be hesitation from some but I assure you it is completely safe, insured, free and super easy to set up. Cory and I have personally used it since it was introduced several years ago. Many of you most likely already use it and it can be linked to your bank account, credit card and a few other methods. It will also allow us to funnel winnings directly back into accounts without having to handle large amounts of cash.

We would definitely like to get 100% PayPal participation for Jordan but I do understand we need to get everyone comfortable with using it. I would like to offer anyone who may be skeptical using this method to contact us via the CKA Message option on this Facebook page with questions and concerns, I will also gladly touch base with anyone to help work through any questions and concerns with this change.

Again, thank you all for the incredible support and we look forward to bigger and better things to come.

Larry and CKA

CKA Tournament #3: Jordan Lake Multi-Launch

CKA Event #3

B. Everett Jordan Lake, NC

April 8, 2017

The CKA is pleased to announce a multi-launch format for event #3 on Jordan Lake. We invite all kayak bass anglers to join us on the entire Jordan Lake Recreation Area for this  event!

About the lake: Jordan Lake is fed by several large, fish-filled tributaries, primarily from the Haw River to the west and New Hope Creek from the northeast. Standing timber, channels and flats form much of the lake’s north and middle sections while the Haw River channel, steep banks and islands shape the lake’s lower half. Jordan challenges anglers at times but the lake has been producing excellent size and numbers so far this season. This event will positively contrast our early season event at the lake two years ago, when the snow and flooding subdued the bite. By all reports high lake levels have improved fishing since the winter floods of 2015 and 2016. In sum, fishing at Jordan Lake is excellent right now and this event will be a great one!

Date: April 8, 2017

Sign Up: 5:15am–6:00am (Captains Meeting to Immediately Follow) @Ebenezer Launch Area. Anglers then depart for their launch locations.

Lines In:     6:45am

Lines Out:  3:00pm

Check In:    4:00pm @Robeson Creek Boat Access

Fee: $45.00 Entry (Includes H.O.W, TourneyX, Big Fish fees)

Format: 3 fish (8” minimum). Hawg Trough measuring board required.      

If you have not yet done so, please create a Tourney X angler account for event registration and CPR submissions!

Sign up & Pay on Tourneyx

Additionally, we will raffle more sponsor items from Get Outdoors PaddlesportsYakAttack, Gandy Lure Company, Stryker Jigs, Bending Branches and other sponsors at this event.

Please review the rules.

Eligible Launch Sites

The following sites are approved launch areas. Note that seasonal / launch fees may apply (Anglers are responsible for knowing and paying the fee separately).

Read more “CKA Tournament #3: Jordan Lake Multi-Launch”

CKA Sponsor Announcement: YakAttack Returns!

Carolina Kayak Anglers welcome the return of YakAttack for the 2017 tournament season! YakAttack has provided CKA with a range of great raffle items for the whole season.These kayak accessories will be raffled at every event, so be sure to stay until the end to listen to hear if your number is called!

CKA thanks YakAttack for its generosity and continued support of our tournament series. Please visit their website and support the company!